A Friend’s Birthday

Happy birthday to my dear friend, Abi! What a sweetheart!

Grab a pillow and cup of tea, it’s time for  a talk. Once upon a time, I am an introvert and I also love spending time with my friends. We have a great time. However, I’m also a dork who never takes the initiative to see them over the summer. I live outside city limits and am at LEAST  half an hour away from everyone I need to see.

Once upon a time, I have a handful of really close friends whom I love more than life itself, and one of them, Abi, (check her out because she’s beautiful and crazy and only smiles at the things that make her happy:) had a birthday on August 8th. Happy Birthday, Sunshine!!! She invited myself and five other friends for a day in the sun and a sleepover.

This day is what happiness tastes like. A bunch of friends sitting and listening comfortably to the silence. The sun shining on warm concrete. Eating chicken and watermelon on thick paper plates. Dipping toes into very cold water. Playing volleyball and laughing as each of us plays terribly. Eating little pink cupcakes with green frosting. Opening colorful presents. Sitting on carpet and taking silly pictures. Forming a messy circle to talk about the good ol’ days. Watching a sappy Disney movie deep into the night. Falling asleep in a mass amount of blankets. Waking  up as girls whisper loudly. Eating buttery pastries for breakfast. Singing happy birthday obnoxiously to a tired birthday girl. Smiles and hugs and promises of next times as we leave.

We all had a great time simply being friends. That’s what sleepovers should be about. We didn’t HAVE to do anything, we only enjoyed what we did do. The greatest bit about being friends  is that not everything has to be picture perfect. You take things one day at a time, because everything changes. Sleepovers don’t need  to include fickle pranks or judgement. Be kind to those you’re with!

This short post is a special thanks to Abi: Happy Birthday and  THANK YOU  for being my friend! The sleepover was amazing! Love you!




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