School and Relationships

With school starting so recently, I thought I would share some encouragement about good relationships. Your friends (and enemies) at school can either make or break the experience. Whether walking the halls or making small talk, keep this advice in the back of your head.

  1. The most important relationship you or anyone else is going to have is with Christ. I know, right; I sound like your mother. But this advice only comes up so often because it’s essential. By working mainly on your relationship with God, other things will fall into place. When you seek Him, He never hides Himself, okay? He NEVER hides from those who are truly searching for Him. That makes your job easier. Pour into your relationship with God because He truly does bless those He loves. And He loves his children. Having this priority will make difficult relationship decisions easier to make.
  2. Now, moving onto relationships with your superiors. All the staff at your school demand respect. They will usually remind you of this themselves, but when you can’t find a reason to respect that one grumpy teacher who couldn’t teach you how to spell their name, let alone a high school/college-level subject, let me remind you that respecting your elders is very Biblical. You might need to take baby steps before loving them Biblically. With respect, learn to obey their rules, even the ones that you don’t enjoy. Give them the same respect you would give your parents (Yes. You should respect your parents). Respect those in charge of you at school despite whatever excuses you have for your situation. Sorry this one is so hard!
  3. Finally, friendships. What should I say? You should know that friendships start by you putting in the effort. They’re usually hard to start, but don’t give up! They are very rewarding because you gain a family that can be just as loving as blood relations. Not to mention that you can choose people you actually like! Once the effort goes in, sometimes a new problem arises; your “bestie” is not the person you thought they would be. It’s okay to pull away. Don’t misunderstand, if your friend is going through difficult times don’t give up on them! However, their character-how they treat you- is a different matter. If you can’t trust them to do the right thing, then what is your relationship built on? Put effort into your relationships and always pick friends that will improve you, not degrade you.

I love you guys a whole lot. Relationships are one of the most important aspects of your life, which means you need them to be healthy. I believe in you!




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