The Aquarium


It’s been too long since I’ve posted. So sorry- I might be a little blond, ya know what I’m saying?

August 10 was my mama’s 40th birthday!! Can you believe it? I can’t. She has had a great life and I’m kinda psyched to see how the next 40 years go.

My dad is desperately in love with her and decided to throw her a surprise birthday party AND  get her an enormous present. Is she spoiled or high maintenance? Who knows. Probably both. The bigger problem was that she tried to plan her own birthday party. My dad had to abort mission and tell her that he was planning a party for her. She was thrilled, of course, and we didn’t tell her anything about the party except that it was happening. She had no clue about the other gift and assumed that the party was my dad’s gift to her. Little did she know that he had taken several months to research how to set up an aquarium in our home. The main attraction…(drumroll, please)…


Can you believe that? Dad bought mum a 150 gallon fish tank (the dimensions are appr. 3×3 feet) that sits on an enormous, custom-built frame. He visited an aquarium shop and ordered a baby octopus. The breed available was the Wonderpus Photogenicus, which is honestly one of the greatest kinds out there. Or maybe I’m a proud, biased mama.

The special day came with much rejoicing for my ecstatic mother, who anxiously awaited the “surprise party.” She was blindfolded, and we all piled into the car to drive to the aquarium shop(because the tank + crew was a surprise we had to keep it at the shop). She nearly peed her pants when she removed the blindfold to see her newest family member for the  first time.

We spent the afternoon getting the tank set up in our living room. It fits beautifully in the corner of our living room with couches framing the remaining sides.

Mister Wunderpus Photogenicus was affectionately named “Bane” after me mum’s favorite Batman villain. To be honest, I thought “Doc Oc” would have been a more appropriate villain name, but nothing with my mother is ever logical, and I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyway, back to Bane. HE IS THE COOLEST THING ON THIS PLANET! Probably not, but seriously. He is so. dang. amazing. Lemme give you a picture of him in his new home…



As of 2 weeks later, I can tell you that this octopus has mental issues. The second day of exploring his new home he promptly stuck a tentacle in the fan and cut it off. That’s not the big deal, though. He did it AGAIN. You would think that the agony of losing the first appendage would teach him to stay away from the ever-conspicuous fan. But noooo, he had to go and stick in the second tentacle in…. and the third…. and the fourth. Not one, not two, but FOUR tentacles are now at 50% capacity. Poor Bane needs professional psychiatric help. He still enjoys floating up and down the coral to his little heart’s content. There’s nothing that our little handicapped friend can’t do, bless his heart.


(Fun fact: Bane could be a girl, nobody knows what the heck “he” is- How the heck do you sex an octopus???)

Since installation, the tank has welcomed the multiple new residents. We added…

  • 9 Chromies (fish)
  • unknown number of Peppermint Shrimp
  • 1 Sea Apple
  • 1 Decorator Crab
  • Lots and lots and lots of neon coral

The reason I tell you all this is because the Sea Apple and Decorator Crab are almost as cool as the octopus. Here’s what they look like:

Sea Apple
Decorator Crab: Sorry he’s so hard to see! Can you see all the different bits and pieces and coral in the shape of his legs?

Cool, right? The crab actually has a clear shell, but cuts off bits of coral and sticks them to himself for camouflage. Mister Crabs is now called Rock Monster.

The Sea Apple is a living butthole (sorta). It has tentacles in a ring that stick out one end of the body and catch minuscule pieces of food. When its “hands” are full, it stuffs the tentacle into the center of the of the ring. The ring functions as mouth, respiratory system, and butthole. Yum.

I couldn’t wait to share God’s great creation with you all! Special thanks to my mum for having a birthday.







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