Modesty Movement

Hello, y’all!

Let’s have a talk about MODESTY, probably your least favorite subject. Good. This should be fun.

You should know by now that what you wear/how you dress is a major component of artistic expression. Your body is your own canvas- you make your own choices, right? Now that we have some o’ those thoughts out of the way keep in careful mind that YOUR CLOTHES SAY A LOT ABOUT YOU!

Does that scare you? It should.

So much of the world is run by the way someone looks. In the age of looking pretty and being an individual, it is very important to be conscious of what you wear. Take literature, for example. In good books, the author puts tons of effort into making a character’s appearance somehow parallel their personality. Author’s get this idea from real life examples. Whether you like it or not, you associate someone with how they look. You subconsciously analyze their thought/speech/action patterns with other people who are similar, such as people that also look the same. That’s why clothing relates to your perception.

Thus, it’s important to dress in a way that makes people associate you with something good, right? Honestly, we all want to be liked by at someone. Anyone. That’s why we “dress to impress.” As a Christian, I want people to identify me as a follower of Christ. I will follow His words, applying them to my life.

I am a temple for the good and holy and God of the entire universe, supreme authority and merciful judge of my actions. I have an incredible purpose. As a Christian, this is why I choose modesty and hope you will, too. 





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