Rainy Days

Oh joy

Oh joy

The weather’s great today! There’ll be parties and gay greetings among friends on the streets and loads of free candy from the shopkeepers!

Oh what a sprinkle reveals in the sky! A rainbow inspires man, woman, and animal to compete with its radiance. No one can resist dawning their best clothes!

Oh how the darkness inspires light! When our gray sky covers the sun, each storefront pulls out a long string of fairy lights. The windows in the shops sell candles, so each breath of wind wafts their scent toward us.

Oh how cold rain unites warm hands! Chilling water demands an umbrella (shivering bodies take advantage of every space to avoid the rain). Couples linger in coffee shops; maybe the rain will pass? Even the animals benefit from rampant compassion as children insist on taking them out of the wet.

Oh terrible thirst satisfied! Every tree guides the water to their roots. Grass sparkles with God-given jewels. Rivers widen, freeing molten fish to explore new territory. Where can anyone hide their love of the rain? How does each drop become the smallest, softest blanket. It cleanses all things of their smell and filth.

Oh joy

Oh joy

Some only pull their sweaters around them tighter. Some stare at the ground to avoid puddles. They do not know how measure the damage each puddle does  to their shoe, so they avoid puddles all together. How easily someone denies their childhood delight. The danger of slipping down hills overruns any joy. Why is something so beautiful be compared to tears? What mourning is there in beauty?

How joy?



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