Sherlock Season 4

Okay, so, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t write about my fandoms on here, but this is eating me alive and I need to work through it with you people.


Shall we go through some characters? I think so.

MRS. HUDSON. Oh my goodness gracious. My friends and I have this thing where we cast each other as characters from whatever show we are watching, and I was lucky enough to end up with Mrs. Hudson. I love her. This one of my all-time favorite characters because of her depth. If you think about her past, she is the stripper/drug-dealing wife of drug lord in America. Can you imagine?!? Think about what her life must have been like. She was probably abused but grew to love some perks of the lifestyle such as her car- Omygosh her car! That scene was basically the greatest thing that has ever happened to me because she completely blew up the “Sherlock is the biggest drama-queen of all time” rumor that’s been going around. We see from her character that she has a lot of self-restraint (ask for details of you don’t agree) meaning that her emotional and ridiculous scenes are that much more dramatic for her as a character. I love this woman who led an exciting life and is now the adopted-mom of London’s greatest boys. Also, she won’t make Mycroft any tea and I can totally see her being the one to finally get Mycroft on a diet. Heck yes, my HUFFLEPUFF mama is finally recognized.


Sherlock. Where do I begin. Do you realize how young this man is?  Although the BBC show never really mentions, in the book he is only 27. 27. He has a masters degree in Chemistry, meaning that he’s probably only a couple years out from the college life, making him one of the toughest characters I think we will ever meet. This is a man with high brain power that we obviously see with his cases, but also consider his other issues. He is so high that often times he can’t the difference between reality and his mind-palace. Sherlock’s ability to completely erase Euros and Redbeard (his real name escapes me) from memory. Besides the fact that he is perfectly capable of mistaking John for a red balloon (It’s the thought that counts). His inability to deal with the real world makes me like the last episode because Sherlock finally gets to deal with his emotional psychosis. For once he isn’t the craziest person in the room. The only other part that makes me really feel for him is when John attacks Sherlock but Sherlock lets him because, “I killed his wife.” That broke my heart. And MOLLY! She didn’t deserve what Sherlock has done to her! She’s perfect for him and desperately in love, and Sherlock is breaking her heart in the most despicable way- saying “I love you” and not being able to follow through? Noooo!

Also, special thanks for scaring the crap out of Mycroft. He deserves it.


Mycroft. Speaking of Mycroft, may I just say how disappointed I am in Mycroft’s movie choices? It’s disappointing to see a character that was such lovable jerk fall to the same temptations as other guys. It really ruined him for me for the rest of the episode. On a different note, seeing Mycroft as the fat little kid was sooooo satisfying. It made me happy. Plus he gets appreciation because he tried to make Sherlock killing him a little easier, although it was predictable. Overall, this was a very disappointing season for Mycroft’s character.


Watson. I’ve been skipping John because I’m not quite sure what to think of him. He loved Sherlock (no, I don’t ship them) but he only pushes him away. I love that John saves Sherlock despite the trauma what he’s gone through with Mary. I hate that he still talks to Mary, because it is a lil’ cliché. However, he apologizes to his Mind-Mary for having an affair with Sherlock’s sister, which needed to happen. It’s sad that it didn’t happen in real life. Mary’s dead and nothing is okay. Plus, John has a child that he has all but ignored since Mary’s death. What happened to Rosie? She didn’t ask for this. The rest of her life is going to as far from normal as it gets, and it starts with her father not loving her. I’m sad.458daf96d5bf0b7aad77c019d45f55ed


Well, my dears, that’s all that I needed to get through at the moment. Hope you enjoyed and I would love to read some of your thoughts on character development, plot, etc. Be sure to tag me in all your Sherlock related posts!



P.S. Stay tuned for part 2!


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