Because My Life Isn’t Currently Sucking

Hello, World! Guess what! My life is changing in the weirdest ways and I’m actually kind-of okay with it. First off the bat: I got a job! I know, I know, how did this idiot get a job? I don’t know. It happened. It’s a full-time gig with pre-schoolers at a local daycare, which is a dream because I love kids. My co-workers are extremely gracious in teaching me the system, and the kids are the naughtiest lil’ cuties! I’m currently praying about the best way to spread the gospel to kids and leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds, but God is faithful! In the end, I want to keep working through the school year, but due to the hours it might not work out. What a blessing this has been!

Bad news: I brother is in Africa, and I miss him too much. I don’t know if I have mentioned my little brother or not, but as a quick introduction… he’s a 16 year old with a gift for the arts, and a distinct dislike for competition (including most sports). He has a burning passion for the Lord, and raised enough money to go to Zimbabwe with Teen Missions. I love that he’s going to serve the Lord, but he’ll be gone for 7 weeks! The two of us are very close, and I’m not coping well with his absence. Also, the only form of communication is the written letter, meaning we can exchange a conversation about once a week, if that. Anyway, that’s happening.

What else, you ask? Just a bit of stuff within the church. Five friends and I from church are going to counsel at a summer camp for a week. I’m very nervous about being responsible for little kids, which is ironic. If you wouldn’t mind praying for our group, that would be great!

I’m starting to get important test scores back, and they’re better than I thought they would be. My first SAT, which I didn’t study for, is an 1160. I retook it before knowing my score, and this time I studied. The scores for the second test come out next week! Then, my AP English Lit. and Comp.  scores just came in, and it’s a 4/5. Not bad, not great. Thus, everything is okay as far as college readiness. Did I mention? We’re heading into my senior year, meaning I’m going to be an *whispers* adult. How gross is that?

I think that’s it for now. Summer’s going well? I miss my friends. Praise the Lord for otter pops. The End.




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