I chose the name Atreecia Smith because I have used this fake name on every online account I’ve had since I was twelve. It’s based off of a character I created from an intense and inspiring dream. It’s obviously not my real name. What kind of name is Atreecia? It’s a quirky word that I made up as a writer.

I love writing and drawing. They allow me express myself accurately, both audibly and visibly. Some of my less emotionally-bound hobbies are softball, reading, and learning. As far as sports go, I am only as athletic as the time I practice that sport. Thankfully, I was able to play softball enough that I secured the catcher position for my high school team (if you don’t know what that means let me tell you that it’s the most important and prestigious position on the whole team. Hahahaha, no. I’m kidding. Just look it up). In the reading department let me just say that books are awesome! I love reading to the point of exhaustion. However, I’m easily distracted and need short breaks to release the pent-up energy. Coffee; am I right? Anyway, I love reading because it’s a great way to learn nearly anything that you need. Some people prefer numbers and percentages, while others-like me- prefer seeing what relationships and social norms make society tick, plus the various genres that address other topics. Whichever you prefer, learning is what makes me tick. I love learning the ordinary things.

This brings me to the rough parts of myself. I have trouble dealing with emotion. I know my emotions, but I don’t really have a healthy outlet to express them. Also, I don’t like vegetables. It’s hard to pinpoint my own faults, but you should know that sometimes I am obnoxious and dramatic. No need to share the nitty-gritty about my faults, though;).

Any questions? Thanks, dears!